Training Opportunities/ Circulars (HRD Cell)

Files available for download
Training Opportunities for Part Time at Training Institute at Islamabad
Circular for Plastic bags sy Azadi at NHA Auditorium , HQ Islamabad
Training Opportunities For NHA Officials For Part Time Training Courses at STI at Islamabad
Circular for Engineering Practice examination for the Title of Professional Engineer
Training Opportunities for to be Conducted by STI at Islamabad
Circular for Multilateral Training Programme Plan For Pakistan in China
Circular for training Programme Plan for pakistan to china
Circular For Awareness Seminar For NHA Management and Employees regarding Capital Market of Pakistan
Nominations of BS-20 Officers for the 111 National Management Course at National Management College, Lahore
Training Opportunities at PPMI Islamabad During the July to September 2019
Circular For Master Degree Programs for the Year 2019-22 at China
Circular for Fully Funded Training Course on Road Maintenance in Japan
Training Opportunities Secretariat Training Institute (STI) at Islamabad
Training Opportunities Nomination of NHA Officers, Officials (HQ Only) for (Part Time) Training Courses to be Conduct (STI) at Islamabad
Circular for Training Programme on Transportation System Capacity Building for Punjab, Pakistan
Mid Career management Course at karachi Peshwar Quetta & Islamabad
Circular for Nomination of NHA Officers (HQ Only) for participation in the Training Courses Scheduled in PMI Islamabad
Circular for Nomination of NHA Officials for Australia
Circular for Thailand International Postgraduate Programme for the Year 2019 at Thailand
Training Course on Environmental Conservation and Sustainability
Training Opportunities to be held at PPM, Islamabad during thr 4th Quarter (April to June 2019)
Circular for Koica Scholarship Program (Master Degree) in 2019
Circular for Recruitment of Carec Institute (CI) Director
Circular for Announcement of ISDB Scholarship Programmes for the Academis year 2019-20
Circular for the month of March, 2019 at Pakistan Manpower Institute (OMIS) Islamabad
Circular for For Master in Economic and Public Policy (PEPP) 2019-2021 at Japan
Training Opportunities For Training Courses to be Conducted by Secretariat Training Institute at Islamabad
Training Opportunities for Training Course to be Conductes by Secretariat Training Institute (STI) at Islamabad