NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1RFP Notice for Consultancy Services for Detailed Design for Relocation of KKH from Thakot to Raikot due to Construction of Dams on River Indus 26-Mar-201918-Apr-20191
2NIT, Documents, Corrigendum No 1 for Special Maintenance Work Raising of Flood protection for Contract No (SM-PS-2017-18-21) in Punjab South Region, Multan 22-Mar-201909-Apr-20195
3RFP Notice & RFP Documents for Supervision Construction of Basima -Khuzdar Road (N-30) 20-Mar-201916-Apr-20192
4Contract Award Proforma I & II- PM-17-18-PS-05-10 20-Mar-201905-Apr-20193
5IFB for Procurement of Special Maintenance for Patch Work on N-5 Contract No (SM-PN-17-05-02) 20-Mar-201908-Apr-20191
6Re-Invitation for Bids and Documents for Construction of RCC Retaining Wall on Kohala Muzaffarabad Road Contract No (SM-AJK-19-S2-01) 18-Mar-201903-Apr-20192
7Contract Award Proforma I & II Contract No PM-17-18-PN-05-01 15-Mar-201930-Mar-20191
8Contract Award Proforma I & II Contract No PM-17-18-PN-80-02 on N-80 15-Mar-201930-Mar-20191
9Contract Award Proforma PM-17-18-05-09 on N-5 14-Mar-201926-Mar-20191
10RFP Notice and Documents for Legal Consultant PPP Projects 14-Mar-201903-Apr-20192
11RFP Notice and Documents for Consultancy Services of Feasibility Study and Detail Design for Lodhran-Multan Section (North Bound) of N-5 14-Mar-201902-Apr-20192
12IFB,Bid Documents for Annual Maintenance Plan AMP-2017-18 (Punjab North Region) 13-Mar-201902-Apr-20192
13IFB,Bid Documents, Tender Drawing for Annual Maintenance Plan AMP-2017-18 (Kohala-Muzaffarabad Road) 13-Mar-201902-Apr-20193
14Tender Notice, Documents For Internet Services Over Optical Fiber (Bid NO.113) 11-Mar-201904-Apr-20192
15Tender Notice, Documents, BOQs For Bridge Culvert Structural Maintenance Work For Contract No (BS-SN-17-0001 to HS-SN-18-6002) in Sindh North Region, Sukkur 26-Feb-201928-Mar-20194