NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1IFB, Documents, Drawing For Special Maintenance Work For Slop Stability Measures & Protection Works at Kohala Muzaffarabad Road (Annual Maintenance Plan AMP-2016-17) 22-May-201913-Jun-20193
2Tender Notice For Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (SM-UT-SN-18-0002 to TPWS-SN-18-0003) in Sindh North, Sukkur 21-May-201919-Jun-20191
3NIT, Documents For Hazra Services Area including Filling Stations and Allied Facilities at North south Bound on Hassanabdal Havelian Express (E-35) 20-May-201911-Jun-20192
4IFB, Documents, Drawing For Construction of New Bridge to Replace Existing Damaged Sanwar Bridge (Annual Maintenance Plan AMP-2017-18) 20-May-201918-Jun-20193
5Tender Notice For Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (BS-PS-2017-18-04 & SM-PS-2017-18-22) in Punjab South, Multan 20-May-201911-Jun-20191
6IFB, Documents for Construction of Overhead Pedestrian Bridge For Contract No (SM-AJK-19-75-03) in Muzaffarabad Region 17-May-201911-Jun-20192
7IFB, Documents For 67x Toll Plazas (6x (ETTM) & 61x Manual) and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis Fy-2019-20 14-May-201930-May-20193
8Annulment & Re-Tender Notice, Documents, Drawing for Rehabilitation on N-25 For Hub City Portion (AMP-2017-18) 14-May-201931-May-20193
9Tender Notice For Maintenance Work For Contract NO (BC-BN-2017-18-07) in Balochistan North region, Quetta 13-May-201929-May-20191
10IFB, RFP Documents For Operation Management & Maintenance of Permanent and Mobile Weigh Station For Packge (PWS-(LA-M3)-2019-1 to MWS-(LA-M3)-2019-1) on Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway (M-3) 13-May-201929-May-20192
11IFB, BOQ, Reports, Corrigendum No 1 For Highway Safety Works For Contract No (HS-301-2017-18 to HS-502-2017-18) in Pindi Bhattian Sargodha Road along M-2 & Motorway M-4 09-May-201911-Jun-201911
12RIFB, Documents For Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (Sm-AJK-19-75-01 & SM-AJK-19-75-02) in Muzaffarabad region 09-May-201927-May-20193
13IFB, Documents, Drawings For Single Stage Envelop Basis For Contract No (SM-2017-18-SS-02 to HS-2017-18-Sn-6005) in South Zone, Karachi 08-May-201924-May-201911
14Submission of Bids, Documents, Single Stage Envelope Basis For Contract No (HS-2017-18-SS-6001 to PF-2018-19-SS-01) in Sindh South, Karachi 08-May-201924-May-201914
15Revised RFP, Documents For Construction Supervision of Periodic Maintenance/ Rehabilitation Works under AMP-2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18 in KPK Region North Zone NHA 07-May-201927-May-20192
16IFB, Documents For Highway Safety Works, Replacement of Badly Damaged Expansion Joints For Contract No (HS-KP-17-6002 to BC-KP-17-5004) in KPK 03-May-201922-May-20194
17Pre Qualification Notice For Enlistment of Panel Workshop/ Dealers/ Suppliers/ Filling Stations 02-May-201922-May-20191
18IFB For Supply of Laser Crack Measuring System (LCMS) 30-Apr-201930-May-20191
19RFP Notice, Minutes of Pre-proposal Meeting & Addendum No 1, 2, Corrigendum 1,2, 3, 4, Amnded Corrigendum, Documents For Consultancy Services for Detailed Design for Relocation of KKH from Thakot to Raikot due to Construction of Dams on River Indus 26-Mar-201911-Jun-20199