NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1RFP Notice and RFP Documents for Consultancy Services for External Monitoring for Implementation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plans for Tranche-1 of MFF 17-Jan-201807-Feb-20182
2Tender Notice For Fascia of Gantry Sign Board For Contract No (EM-PN-16-05-11) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 16-Jan-201806-Feb-20181
3IFB For Construction of New Closing of Un-Authorized Cuts For Contract No (BC-PN-16-05-03 & HS-PN-16-05-03) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 16-Jan-201802-Feb-20181
4IFB, Documents, BOQs For Cival Works of Toll Plaza & Emergency Work For Contract No (HS-2016-17-SS-6004 to EM-2017-18-SS-5011) in Sindh South Region 16-Jan-201806-Feb-201810
5IFB For Construction of Overhead Pedestrian Steel Bridge For Contract No (BC-PN-16-05-04) in central Zone 15-Jan-201802-Feb-20181
6IFB For Tree Plantation Maintenance in the Row Along Motorway For Contract No (TP-(M-4)-01 to TP(M-4)-04) in M-4 15-Jan-201802-Feb-20181
7IFB, Documents, Drawings For Construction of Building & Allied Portal Facilities at Lowari Tunnel Project 12-Jan-201812-Feb-20186
8Evaluation Report For Dualization of Indus Highway (N-55) Package II, Karak to Kohat 12-Jan-201821-Jan-20181
9RFP For Provision of Security Guards to the National Highways Authority Regional Office (Sindh South Region, Karachai) 12-Jan-201801-Feb-20181
10Re-IFB, Documents For Up Gradation and Rehabilitation of Toll Plazas For Contract No (TP-PN-15-05-01 to TP-PN-15-05-13) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 11-Jan-201829-Jan-201814
11IFB, Documents, Check List For Periodic Maintenance Works For Contract No (PM-AJK-17-75-01 & SM-AJK-17-75-13) in Muzaffrabad Region 10-Jan-201825-Jan-20184
12IFB, Documents For Widening of Bridge For Contract No (BS-2017-18-SS-01) in South Zone, karachi 10-Jan-201830-Jan-20182
13IFB, Documents For Hiring of Financial Consultancy Services 10-Jan-201824-Jan-20182
14RFP Notice, Documents For Construction of 4-Lane Bridge and 2-Lane Approach Roads, Across River Indus Connecting Kallur Kot with D.I. Khan 05-Jan-201825-Jan-20182
15RFP Notice , Doc, For Design Review and Construction Supervision for Dualization and Improvement of Indus Highway N-55:Package-I: Sarai Gambila to Karak (61 KM), Package-II: Karak to Kohat (67 KM) 04-Jan-201823-Jan-20183
16Peshawar Torkham Expressway Resettlement Action Plan Comments Response Matrix 02-Jan-201802-Mar-20182
17RFP Notice, Documents For Dualization and Improvement of Pindigheb Kohat Road 80 Km (N-80) 28-Dec-201723-Jan-20182
18RFP Notice, Documents, Minutes Of Meeting For Improvement and Widening of Road of Japan to Kalingi Bandeghai, Lower Dir (27 Km) 28-Dec-201718-Jan-20183
19RFP Notice, Documents, Minutes Of Meeting & Addendum No 1 For Construction/ Rehabilitation of Road From Chirah Islamabad Simli Dam Karor Bann Patriata 28-Dec-201719-Jan-20183
20Tender Notice of Look After Lawns & plantation Services in Regional Office , Punjab North NHA Lahore 22-Dec-201719-Jan-20181
21IFB, Documents, Drawing, pre-bid meeting and addendum # 1,2, For Dualization of Rawalpindi Kahuta Road Including 4 lane Bridge Over Sihala Railway Pass, Sihala Bypass & Kahuta Bypass (Package I & II) 22-Dec-201722-Jan-20189
22Annulment Notice, IFB, Documents, Drawing, Corrigendum No 1, Minutes Of Meeting & Addendum No 1 For Remodeling & Improvement of Golra with Underpass for Contract No (RH-2016-17-PN-01) in N-5 20-Dec-201723-Jan-20186
23IFB Notice, Corrigendum I,II, Drawing, Documents, Minutes of Meeting & Addendum No 1 For Construction of 4 Lane Road Dera Ghazi khan Northern Bypass (18 KM) 15-Dec-201725-Jan-20186
24IFB Notice, Doc, Drawing, Corrigendum I,II, For Construction of 2 Lane Bridge Over Indus at Ghazi Ghat 15-Dec-201725-Jan-20185
25Notice For Admission Environmental Impact Assessement Report For Harnai Sanjavi Road Project (55.1 KM) 07-Dec-201718-Jan-20181
26IFB, Documents, Drawing, Minutes of Meeting, Addendum No 1, Corrigendum No 1 For Construction of Additional 2 Lane Carriageway from Petaro to Sehwan N55, Section 2 (Contract No . CP-2) 27-Nov-201730-Jan-20186
27Annulment Notice, IFB, Corrigendum No 1, 2, 3, Drawing, Documents, Minutes of Pre- Bid Meeting Addendum-01, 2, 3 For Construction Of Chitral Dorah Pass Road, Package 2: Garam Chasma Shaha Saleem Dorah Pass Road (42 KM) 24-Nov-201725-Jan-201812
28Annulment Notice, IFB, Documents, Drawing, Minutes Of Pre-Bid Meeting, Addendum-01, 2, 3, Corrigendum No 1, 2, 3 For Construction of Chitral Dorash Pass Road Package-1: Chitral Garam Chasma Road (42.5 KM) 24-Nov-201725-Jan-201811