NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Evaluation Report for N-75, IMDCW (PM-2014-15-PN-03) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
2IFB For Installation of Pre Cast Kerb Stone for the Contract No (SM-KP-15-5002) in KPK 18-Jan-201707-Feb-20171
3Quotation Calling Notice & BOQs for Emergency Maintenance Work For Contract No (EM(Q)-KP-50136 to BC(Q)-KP-5002) in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Region 18-Jan-201703-Feb-20172
4Evaluation Report for N-55 Sindh North Region (PM-2014-15-SN-04) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
5Evaluation Report for N-55 Sindh North Region (PM-2014-15-SN-03) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
6Evaluation Report for N-5 Sindh South (PM-2014-15-SS-03) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
7Evaluation Report for N-5 Sindh South (PM-2014-15-SS-02) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
8Evaluation Report for N-5 Sindh North Region (PM-2014-15-SN-02) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
9Evaluation Report for N-5 Sindh North Region (PM-2014-15-SN-01) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
10Evaluation Report for N-5 KTH Sindh South Region (PM-2015-16-SS-01) 18-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
11Evaluation Report for Quetta Chaman Road Project (Additional Works) 17-Jan-201726-Jan-20171
12Tender Notice, BOQ, Documents for Contract No (SM-SN-16-0009 to HS -SN-16-6001) in Sindh North, Sukkur 17-Jan-201703-Feb-20173
13IFB For Installation of Traffic Signal and Geomaetric Re- Designing for the Contract No (HS-PN-15-05-05 to 07) in Punjab North, N-5, Lahore 17-Jan-201703-Feb-20171
14Evaluation Report for Highway Research and Training Center (HRTC), NHA Burhan 16-Jan-201726-Jan-20171
15Evaluation Report for Link Access Road of South Portal to Qualandi, Lowari Tunnel Project (Package II ) 13-Jan-201723-Jan-20171
16Contract Award Proforma I & II for Chachran Sharif With kot Mithan (Package 2) 13-Jan-201727-Jan-20171
17PQ Notice for New International Airport Metro Bus Services ( Package I, Peshawar More-G-13, Package II, G-13-N-5 Interchange) 13-Jan-201731-Jan-20171
18IFB, Drawings For Dualization and Improvement of OLD Bannu Road (Package I To III ) 11-Jan-201709-Feb-20174
19RFP Notice & Documents For 6 -Lane Overhead Bridge at Imamia Colony Railway Crossing Shahdara 10-Jan-201707-Feb-20172
21IFB For Contract No (HS-SDS-16-6003 to 6004) in Sindh South Regions, Karachi 05-Jan-201727-Jan-20173
22IFB & Documents for Black Spot for Contract No (BSHS-2014-15-PS-RYK-Retender-III to IV) in Punjab South Region, Multan 05-Jan-201723-Jan-20173
23Submission of Bids, Documents, BOQ for Emergency Maintenance Works for Contract No (EM-SDS-17-5012 to 5013 ) in Sindh South, Karachi 03-Jan-201720-Jan-20174
24IFB, Documents, Drawings For Electro- Mechanical Works of Lowari Tunnel Project, Pakistan 29-Dec-201615-Feb-20174
25IFB, Documents, Drawing for Package-5 Rehabilitation of National Highways DI Khan-Sarai Gambila -Daraban (N-55) ( Contract No Lot-1 & Lot-2) 28-Dec-201631-Jan-20176
26Documents, Drawing, Drafts Concession Agreement for Hyderabad Sukkur Motorway (Construction of 296 KM, 6-Lane Motorway on Build- Operate - Transfer Basis) 27-Dec-201614-Feb-20178
27IFB, Documents, Drawing, Corrigendum No 1 for Construction of Hakla on M-I to D.I. Khan, Motorway CPEC Western Route (Package IIA & IIB) 13-Dec-201630-Jan-20176