NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1IFB Notice for CPEC Hakla D.I. Khan Package-2D Rehmani Khel to Kot Belian 27-Mar-201719-Apr-20171
2Notice for Auction of NHA Assets-Condemnation of NHA KPK Region Peshawar 27-Mar-201713-Apr-20171
3NiT, BOQs, and Tender Book 02 Nos Special Maintenance Works (Sindh South Region) 27-Mar-201712-Apr-20173
4Corrigendum no 1, Addendum 1 for RFP Notice for Construction Supervision of New Block Within the NHA HQ Building 27-Mar-201704-Apr-20174
5Evaluation Report For Periodic Maintenance Work For Contract No ( PM-2015-16-NA-01, PM-2015-16-NA-02, PM-2015-16-NA-03,PM-2015-16-NA-04,PM-2015-16-GB-01) Northern Areas & Gilgit Balitan 24-Mar-201704-Apr-20171
6Notice for Open Public Bidding for Lease of Fruit Bearing Trees and Cultivation of Crops with NHA's ROW of Head Muhammad Wala Road Section, Multan 24-Mar-201710-Apr-20172
7IFB For China Pakistan Economic Corridor Western Route Hakla To D.I. Khan (Package 2C) 20-Mar-201719-Apr-20171
8Invitation For Submission of Expression of Interest for Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor Development Investment Programe 20-Mar-201720-Apr-20171
9Evaluation Report For Kala Shah Kaku to Lahore Ring Road (Lahore Eastern Bypass) 20-Mar-201729-Mar-20171
10Evaluation Report For Construction of 6-Lane Overhead Bridge at Imamia Colony Railway Crossing Shahdara 20-Mar-201729-Mar-20171
11Evaluation Report For Construction of New Bridge on River Chenab Between Shujabad and Khangarh 17-Mar-201727-Mar-20171
12IFB & Documents For Black Spots for Contract No (BSHS-2014-15-PS-RYK-Retender-III & BSHS-2014-15-PS-RYK-Retender-IV ) in Punjab South Region, Multan 17-Mar-201706-Apr-20173
13IFB Notice for Contract No (EM-PN-15-05-41 to EM-PN-15-05-65) in Punjab North Region , Lahore 16-Mar-201731-Mar-20171
14RFP for Re-Tender Notice for Design Review and Construction Supervision of Periodic Maintenance Rehabilitation Work on NHA Network North Zone for F.Y. (AMP 2015-16) Northern Areas Region 16-Mar-201706-Apr-20172
15Quotation Calling Notice, BOQ For Contract No (QW-(M-I)-22) in Kallar Kahar, Chakwal 15-Mar-201731-Mar-20172
16Quotation Calling Notice, BOQ For Contract No (QW-(M-I)-24) in Kallar Kahar Chakwal 15-Mar-201731-Mar-20172
17Quotation Calling Notice, BOQ For Contract No (QW-(M-I)-23) in Kallar kahar chakwal 15-Mar-201731-Mar-20172
18Notice for Pre Qualificastion of Workshop, Firms, Dealers on NHA's Panel Regarding Repair Maintenance and Supply of Batteries, Tyres for NHA Vehicles o f West Zone Quetta 15-Mar-201710-Apr-20171
19Tender Notice & Documents for Contract No (EM-PN-15-05-53 to EM-PN-15-05-64) in Punjab North Lahore 13-Mar-201729-Mar-20175
20Tender Notice, BOQ, Documents, Check List For Special Maintenance Works for Contract No (SM-AJK-17-S2-02 to SM-AJK-17-75-02) in Muazaffarabad 10-Mar-201728-Mar-20174
21IFB & Documents For Khanewal Multan , 4 Extension on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis 10-Mar-201730-Mar-20172
22IFB & Documents For Contract No (EM-PN-15-05-49 to EM-PN-15-05-62) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 10-Mar-201727-Mar-20175
23Auction Notice for Trees and Pole Crop of Eucalyptus at Site Toba Tek Singh, Rajana 10-Mar-201704-Apr-20171
24Auction Notice For Furniture, Computer Items, Steel Scrap, Furniture etc 09-Mar-201728-Mar-20171
25Tender Notice, BOQ, Documents For Contract No (SM-NA-2015-16/N-15/08 to SM-NA-2015-16/N-15/09) in Abbottabad 09-Mar-201728-Mar-20173
26Notice, Documents, BOQ, Check List, Corrigendum No 1 For Contract No (SM-AJK-17-S2-04 to SM-AJK-17-75-05) in Muzaffrabad 08-Mar-201704-Apr-20175
27Tender Notice & Documents For Technical & Financial Bids For Contract No (SM-PS-2015-09) in Punjab South, Multan 08-Mar-201728-Mar-20172
28RFP & Documents For Design Review & Construction Supervision of Periodic Maintenance Works in Balochistan West Makran Region 08-Mar-201727-Mar-20172
29RFP Notice & Documents For Architectural Design and Design Review of NHA Projects 02-Mar-201729-Mar-20172
30IFB, Documents, Drawings, Addendum No 1, 2, 3, Corrigendum No 1, 2 For Electro- Mechanical Works of Lowari Tunnel Project, Pakistan 29-Dec-201614-Apr-201711