NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Evaluation Report For Construction of 2-Lane Lai and Soan Bridge to 4-lane Bridges 26-May-201704-Jun-20171
2Tender Notice, Documents, BOQS For Qualification and Submission of Financial Bids For Contract No (RM-GB-2016-17-10-01 & RM-GB-2016-17-10-02) in Gilgit Baltistan Region 25-May-201713-Jun-20175
3Evaluation Report For Thokar Niaz Baig to Hudyiara Drain, Multan Road (N-5) 25-May-201703-Jun-20171
4Tender Notice, Documents, BOQ For Contract No (TPWS-SN-16-0015 & SM-SN-16-0013) in Sindh North Region, Sukkur 23-May-201707-Jun-20174
5Tender Notice for Repair/Replacement of Lights of Boundary For the Contract No (EM-PN-15-05-72) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 23-May-201708-Jun-20171
6Tender Notice For Redecking of Bridge For Contract No (BC-BN-2016-17-05) in Baluchistan North Region, Quetta 23-May-201708-Jun-20171
7IFB, Addendum No 1 for Operations,Management & Maintenance Of 14x Manual Toll Plazas and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis FY-2017-18 19-May-201705-Jun-20173
8Evaluation Report For Mianwali Via Nali, Kund, Jabbi, Warcha, Golewali, Chhidru and Musahkel 19-May-201728-May-20171
9Evaluation Report For Rehmani Khel to Kot Balian, Package 2 19-May-201728-May-20171
10Tender Notice, Documents For Highway Safety Work & Fixing of Steel Fence on New Jersey Barrier For Contract No (HS-PN-15-05-08 & SM-PN-15-05-71) in Punjab North , Lahore 18-May-201705-Jun-20173
11Notice, Documents, BOQ, Check List For Qualification and Submission of Financial Bids For Contract No (SM-AJK-17-S2-06) in Kohala Muzaffarabad 17-May-201706-Jun-20174
12IFB, Documents For Construction of Two Tunnels at Kohri Kamsar and Challpani on Chella Bandi Patika Road Project in AJK on EPC Basis 17-May-201711-Jul-20172
13Auction Notice For Dumped Material on Motorway, M-4 17-May-201705-Jun-20171
14Auction Notice For 149 NOs Trees of Eycalptus, Shisham, Kikar, Kandi and Bair Standing at Shamkot in Punjab Souh, Nag Shah Chowk, Multan 15-May-201731-May-20171
15Tender Notice, Terms & Condition, BOQ, Check List, Documents For Contract No (RM-AJK-17-S2-01 to CV-AJK-17-75-05) in Kohala, Muzaffarabad 12-May-201731-May-20175
16Cancellation of IFB, BOQ, Documents For Periodic Maintenance Works (2016-17) in Muzaffarabad Region 12-May-201730-May-20174
17Cancellation of Tender Notice, BOQs, Documents For Routine Maintenance Work For Contract No (RM-NA-2016-17/N-15/20 & RM-NA-2016-17/N-15/21) in Abbottabad 12-May-201730-May-20175
18IFB, Documents, Minutes Of Meeting, Addendum No 1 For Operations Management & Maintenance of 33x Manual Toll Plazas and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis 12-May-201713-Jun-20174
19Notice, Documents For Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report of Metro Bus Services Peshawar Morr, New Islamabad International Airport Islamabad 12-May-201713-Jun-20174
20Tender Notice, Documents, BOQ For Periodic Maintenance Work For Contract No (PM-NA-2015-16/N-125/01) in Abbottabad 10-May-201730-May-20173
21Cancelled IFB, Documents, Corrigendum No 1, 2 For Periodic Maintenance Works For Contract No (PF-KP-16-2003 to PS-KP-16-3005) in KPK 10-May-201730-May-201710
22RFP, Documents For Lahore Sialkot Motorway (LSM) Link Highway (4 Lane) Connecting LSM to Narang Mandi and Narowal 05-May-201706-Jun-20172
23IFB, Drawings, Documents, Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting For Construction of 16 Lane Permanent Islamabad Toll Plaza on Motorway M-I (Km 0+935.5) 04-May-201730-May-20177
24IFB, Corrigendum No 1 for Construction of Additional Carriageway Petaro - Sehwan N-55; Section-1 (Package, IA to IC) 28-Apr-201709-Jun-20172
25IFB, Corrigendum No1, 2 for Dualization of Indus Highway In N-55 (Package, I & II) 21-Apr-201715-Jun-20173
26Corrigendum 1, IFB For Upgradation/Dualization of Motorway Link From Kohat Via Jand 21-Apr-201716-Jun-20172