NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Evaluation Report, Asphaltic Wearing Course and Replacement of Damaged Expansion Joints of Hub Bridge Km 22-23,(N-25), Balochistan-South Region NHA Khuzdar, Contract No. BC-2017-18-BS-01 11-Oct-201925-Oct-20191
2Evaluation Report For Black Spots (Geometric Improvement & Highway Safety) Works of Balochistan-South Region NHA Khuzdar from KM 30 ~ 222, N-25 Contract No. BSHS-2016-17-BS-01 11-Oct-201925-Oct-20191
3Evaluation Report For Rehabilitation of Carriageway from KM 215+000 to 217+000, N-25, Contract No. SM-2016-17-BS-01 (Balochistan-South Region NHA Khuzdar) 11-Oct-201925-Oct-20191
4Auction Notice For Disposal of Dead Stock Un-Serviceable/ Damaged/ Surplus Assets Stocked in Punjab South Region, Multan 10-Oct-201928-Oct-20191
5Evaluation Report For Periodic Maintenance Work For Contract No (PM-2016-17-BS-01) on N-25 09-Oct-201923-Oct-20191
6Evaluation Report For Hub City For Contract No (RH-2017-18-BS-01) in N-25 09-Oct-201923-Oct-20191
7Evaluation Report For Sanwar Bridge For Contract No (BR-2017-18-BW-001) on N-10 09-Oct-201923-Oct-20191
8Evaluation Report For Periodic Maintenance Work For Contract No (PM-2016-17-BW-03) on N-10 09-Oct-201923-Oct-20191
9IFB, Documents For Annual Maintenance Work For Structural Overlay between KM 76 to KM 79 For Contract No (PM-2017-18-PN-07) on N-80 08-Oct-201928-Oct-20192
10IFB For Special Maintenance Work on Talibwala Road Along M-2 For Contract No (SM-TWB-301-2017-18) in M-4 08-Oct-201925-Oct-20191
11Quotation Calling Notice For Maintenance Work For Contract No (EM-2017-18-BS-M8-01 to EM-2017-18-BS-M8-02) in Balochistan South Khuzdar 07-Oct-201923-Oct-20191
12RFP Notice, Document of Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Construction of 4-Lane Flyover at Bhara-Kahu N-75 (3.5 Km) 04-Oct-201929-Oct-20192
13IFB ,RFP Documents For Chund Bridge Toll Plaza and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis FY 2019-20 04-Oct-201921-Oct-20192
14Evaluation Report For Maintenance Work for Contract No (PM-2017-18-BW-02) on N-10 (AMP-2017-18) 03-Oct-201917-Oct-20191
15IFB, Documents, Corrigendum No 1 For Routine & Special Maintenance Work for Contract No (RM-AJK-19-S2-01 to HSSP-AJK-19S2-02) in Muzaffarabad Region 03-Oct-201921-Oct-20196
16Tender Notice and Bid Documents for intends to Procure Janitorial- Technical Services for its New & old Building 02-Oct-201921-Oct-20192
17Tender Notice and Bid Documents, for intends to Procure Hiring of Live Plants Indoor-Outdoor NHA New & Old Building 02-Oct-201918-Oct-20192
18NIT, Documents for Operation and Management of Tandliyanwala Service Area Lahore - Abdul Hakeem M-3 02-Oct-201918-Oct-20192
19NIT, Documents for Operation and Management of Nankana Sahib Service Area Lahore - Abdul Hakeem M-3 02-Oct-201918-Oct-20192
20NIT, Documents for Operation and Management Muridwala Service Area Lahore - Abdul Hakeem M-3 02-Oct-201918-Oct-20192
21IFB, Documents, Audit Reports For Routine Maintenance Works For Contract No (RM-M-1-2018-19/01 to RM-E-35-2018-19/03) in M-1 Region 02-Oct-201918-Oct-201928
22IFB, Documents, Drawing For Annual Maintenance Plan for Widening of Tata Pani Slide Area in Gilgit Baltistan Region (AMP-2017-18) 01-Oct-201917-Oct-20193
23RFP Notice, Documents For Consultancy Services for Detailed Design for Rehabilitation, Improvement and Widening of existing KKH from Dasu (Km 290) to Raikot (Km 471) Excluding Km 296-308 Total length-169 Km 27-Sep-201924-Oct-20192
24IFB, Documents, Audit Reports For Sangjani Weigh Station & Construction of Stone Masonry Retaining Wall at Soan Bridge for Contract No (TP-PN-17-05-02 & PN-17-05-o1) Punjab North Region Lahore 27-Sep-201915-Oct-20196
25IFB, Documents For Provision of Janitorial & other Services Required for NHA Regional Office NHA Complex Peshawar 27-Sep-201916-Oct-20192
26NIT for Re-Tender, Documents of Sardi Wala Bridge For Contract no (BC-2017-18-BS-02) in Balochistan South, Khuzdar 26-Sep-201915-Oct-20192
27IFB, Documents for Provision of Janitorial Services at NHA Regional Office, Multan 26-Sep-201915-Oct-20192
28IFB, Corrigendum No 1 For Installation of 08 Jet Fans, 02 Generators, 05 Transformers, 02 Rooms for Generators & Transformers and Electrical Work for 8.5 Km Long Road Tunnel & Lowari Tunnel Project 27-Aug-201905-Nov-20192