NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Evaluation Report For Thokar Niaz Baig Hudyiara Drain Section of N-5 from Existing 4 Lanes to 8 Lanes (Additional 2 Lanes on Either Side) 25-Sep-201704-Oct-20171
2Evaluation Report for Feasibility Study & Detailed Design for Dualization of Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road (26.6 Km), 4-Lane Overhead Bridge at Sihala and Dualization of Kalar Manianda Road (13 Km) 25-Sep-201704-Oct-20171
3Tender Notice For Qualification and Submission of Financial Bids For the Contract No (SM-PS-2016-17-12) in Punjab South, Multan 22-Sep-201710-Oct-20171
4IFB for Improvement of Approaches of Toll Plaza for the Contract No (TP-KP-16-8001) in KPK 21-Sep-201709-Oct-20171
5IFB for Up-Gradation and Rehabilitation of Toll Plazas for the Contract No (TP-PN-15-05-01 to TP-PN-15-05-13) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 21-Sep-201710-Oct-20171
6IFB, Documents For Up-Gradation and Rehabilitation of Chenab Toll Plaza For the Contract No (TP-PN-15-05-14) in N-5, Lahore 20-Sep-201709-Oct-20172
7NIT, Documents For the Supply of Genuine Toner Cartridge For HP printers (Bid No.110) 20-Sep-201709-Oct-20172
8Auction Notice For Dumped Material on Motorways, M-4 & M-4 Ext 20-Sep-201705-Oct-20171
9IFB for Repair/ Maintenance of Deck Slab For the Contract No (BC-PN-16-05-01) in Punjab North Region, Lahore 20-Sep-201709-Oct-20171
10Tender Notice, Documents For Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (SM-(M-1)-2017-18/03) In Motorways, M-I 19-Sep-201706-Oct-20172
11RFP Notice, Documents for Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Improvement and Dualization of Existing Chichawatni – Lahore Multan Motorway M-3 Link Road (44 Km) 18-Sep-201710-Oct-20172
12IFB, Documents, Drawing For Rehabilitation and Improvement of Existing Carriageway From Peshawar, Dera Adam Khel For The Contract No (CP-3) 18-Sep-201706-Nov-20173
13Tender Notice, Documents For Routine Maintenance Work For Contract No (RM-M-1-2016-17/01 to RM-M-1-2016-17/21) in Motorways, M-I 18-Sep-201704-Oct-201722
14Evaluation Report For Yakmach Kharan Road (Section IV) 18-Sep-201727-Sep-20171
15Evaluation Report For Yakmach Kharan Road (Section III) 18-Sep-201727-Sep-20171
16IFB, Documents For Rohri (Manual) Toll Plaza (N-5) and Collection Of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis FY-2017-18 15-Sep-201703-Oct-20172
17Tender Notice For Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (SM-(M-1)-2017-18/02) in Motorways, M-I 15-Sep-201702-Oct-20171
18Quotation Calling Notice, BOQs For Contract No (QW-EM-301-17 to QW-EM-502-17) in Motorways, M-4 Extension 15-Sep-201703-Oct-20174
19IFB, Documents For Maintenance of Kohat Tunnel Housing Colony For the Conract No (CM-KP-16-9501) in KPK 15-Sep-201703-Oct-20172
20RFP Notice, Documents for Construction of Bridge on Nullah Maldara Bridge 14-Sep-201703-Oct-20172
21IFB, Documents For Routine Maintenance Works Fro Contract No (RM (M&SF) 501-17 to RM (M&SF) 504-17) in Motorways M-4 Extension 13-Sep-201728-Sep-20175
22IFB, Documents For 11x ETTM Toll Plazas and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Monthly Guaranteed Revenue Basis FY 2017-18 12-Sep-201703-Oct-20172
23IFB, Documents, Drawing For Rehabilitation of Damages to Raikot Khunjerab Section For the Contract No (BCSM-2015/16-GB-N35 PKG I To Pkg IV) in KPK 12-Sep-201729-Sep-20176
24Tender Notice, BOQS, Documents For Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (SM-(M-I)-2017-18/02) in Kalar Kahar, Distt Chakwal, M-I 12-Sep-201702-Oct-20173
25Re-IFB, Documents for Surface Treatment Between Shoulder & Side Drains with Water Bound Macdam & Dst For Contract No (SM-PN-15-05-03) in Punjab North, Lahore 11-Sep-201727-Sep-20172
26Tender Notice For Janitorial Services in Punjab North, Lahore 08-Sep-201726-Sep-20171
27Tender Notice, Documents for Contract No (EM-PN-16-05-03) in Punjab North, Lahore 07-Sep-201727-Sep-20172
28RFP Notice, Documents For Road Vehicle Rules Under NHSO 200 (Chapter IV) 07-Sep-201726-Sep-20172
29Tender Notice, Documents, BOQs, Corrigendum For Contract No (RMA-NA-2014-15/N-35/05 (U-Turn) in Regional Office Abbottabad 31-Aug-201727-Sep-20174
30Tender Notice, BOQs,Documents, Corrigendum For Installation of CC TV Camara For Contract No (EM-SDS-18-5003 to EM-SDS-18-5005) in Sindh South, Karachi 28-Aug-201729-Sep-20175