NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Tender Notice For Detailed Design, Traffic Studies, Commercial Feasibility Study and Bid Evaluation Bid Comparative Analysis for Hyderabad Sukkur Motorway Project on Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Basis under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Arrangement 19-Nov-201812-Dec-20181
2Contract Award Proforma I & II For Periodic Maintenance Works Between KM 38+00-42+620 (KNB-M-10) in South Zone, Karachi 16-Nov-201826-Nov-20181
3IFB For Work Description Plan For Modification of Junctions Between Swabi Interchange Ramp to Swabi, Jahangira Road (M-I) 15-Nov-201806-Dec-20181
4Contract Award Proforma I & II For Periodic Maintenance Works Between Km 475-490 (N-5) NBC in South Zone, Karachi 14-Nov-201828-Nov-20181
5Evaluation Report For Periodic Maintenance Work Between KM 1266+700- KM 1270+000(NBC & SBC) N-5 in Central Zone 14-Nov-201823-Nov-20181
6RIFB & Bid Documents For Construction of Overhead Steel Pedestrian Bridges For Contract No (BC-PN-16-17-05-08 & BC-PN-16-17-05-09) in Central Zone, Lahore 13-Nov-201830-Nov-20183
7Tender Notice of Stationery for the Year 2018-19 in Punjab North Lahore 13-Nov-201829-Nov-20181
8Notice, Corrigendum No 1 For Public Open Auction of Non-Functional Weigh Equipments on N-70 (KM71-72) Near Ghazi Ghat Toll Plaza in Punjab South Multan 13-Nov-201804-Dec-20182
9Contract Award Proforma I & II For Periodic Maintenance Works Between Km 310+00-320+00 (N-5) SBC in South Zone Karachi 12-Nov-201826-Nov-20181
10PQ Notice, Documents For Construction, Operation & Management of Luxury Paid Toilets Washrooms at Rashakai Services Area KM 106 (North/South Bound) on Islamabad Peshawar Motorway (M-1) 09-Nov-201826-Nov-20182
11IFB For 2x Manual Toll Plaza and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis For a Period of 90 days Under Emergent Situation 07-Nov-201823-Nov-20181
12Contract Award Proforma I & II For Periodic Maintenance Work Km 300-311 (N-5) NBC In South Zone Karachi 07-Nov-201821-Nov-20181
13Postponed Notice For Pattoki Weigh Station, Punjab North Lahore 06-Nov-201820-Nov-20181
143rd Time Tender Notice, Documents For Routine Maintenance Work for Contract No (RM-WM-18-015 to RM-WM-17-029) in Baluchistan West Makran Region 05-Nov-201820-Nov-20188
15Tender Notice, Documents, Corrigendum No 1 For Bridge Work For Contract No (BC-BN-2017-18-03-N-70) in Baluchistan North Region, Quetta 01-Nov-201822-Nov-20183
16IFB, Drawing For Construction of 2 Lanes Highway from Basima to Khuzdar (N-30) 01-Nov-201814-Dec-20182
17Tender Notice, Documents For the Purchase of Stationery Items for KPK Region 01-Nov-201822-Nov-20182
18IFB, Documents, Corrigendum No 1,Pre Bid Meeting, Minutes Addendum-I,For Operation, Management & Maintenance of Permanent On National Highways . Package No (PWS-(NH)-18-05 to PWS-(NH)-18-13) 24-Oct-201827-Nov-20185