NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Tender Notice For Maintenance Work For Contract No (BD-BN-2016-17-01 & BD-BN-2016-17-02) in Baluchistan North Region, Quetta 18-Sep-201804-Oct-20181
2Re-Tender Notice, Documents, BOQs For Routine Maintenance Work For Contract No (RM-NA-2017-18-N-35/05) in Regional Office Abbottabad 17-Sep-201802-Oct-20183
3Re-Tender Notice, Documents For Provision of Security Guards in Regional Office Baluchistan South, Khuzdar 14-Sep-201803-Oct-20182
4Annulmant Notice For Construction of New Sanwar Bridge Parallel to Existing Damaged Bridge For Contract No (BC-BW-2017-18-001) N-10 13-Sep-201827-Sep-20181
5IFB, Documents For Construction of Retaining walls and Restoration of Damaged Road For Contract No (BC-KP-16-5003) in KPK 12-Sep-201827-Sep-20182
6Submission Of Bids, Documents For Contract No (HS-2016-17-SS-6015 to HS-2016-17-SS-6018) in Sindh South Region, Karachi 10-Sep-201827-Sep-20185
7PQ Notice, Documents For Operation, Management and Maintenance of Hakla Service Area KM-04 (North-South Bound) on Islamabad Peshawar Motorway (M-1) 10-Sep-201828-Sep-20182
8IFB , Documents, Drawing For Construction of Additional Carriageway Petaro Sehwan (N-55) KM 40+000 to KM 64+000 ( Package 1C) 07-Sep-201824-Oct-20183
9IFB, Documents For Periodic Maintenance Works for Contract No (PM-2015-16-NA-01 & PM-2015-16-NA-02) in Northern Areas Region under Annual Maintenance Plan for FY 2015-16 07-Sep-201824-Sep-20183
10IFB, Corrigendum No 1, 2 For 5x Toll Plazas and Collection of Toll Revenue on National Highways on Net guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis for a Period of 90 days under Emergent Situation 06-Sep-201824-Sep-20183
11IFB, Documents, Drawings, Corrigendum No 1, 2 For Construction of Overhead Steel Pedestrain Bridge For Contract No (BC-PN-16-17-05-08 & BC-PN-16-17-15-09) in Central Zone Lahore 05-Sep-201824-Sep-20187
12IFB, Documents For Fixed Guaranteed Basis on Lahore Eastern Bypass 16 KMs For the Period Ending 30-6-19 03-Sep-201825-Sep-20182
13IFB, Documents, Minutes of Meeting & Addendum No 1 For Traffic Management System For 120x Lanes AT 18x Toll Plazas on National Highways (Package I, Punjab, Package II, Sindh) 30-Aug-201826-Sep-20183
14RFP, Documents, Minutes of Meeting & Addendum No 1, Corrigendum No 1 For Consultancy Services For GIS Survey and Development of Geo survey and Development of GEO Database For Entire Road Network 30-Aug-201805-Oct-20184
15NIT, Documents For Supply of Genuine Toner Cartridges For HP Printers (Bid No.112) 29-Aug-201825-Sep-20182
16RFP, Corrigendum No 1, 2, Documents, Drawing, Map, Minutes of Meeting For Development of National Highway Foundation (NHF) Housing Scheme In Islamabad 11-Jun-201825-Sep-20189