NHA Tenders

TendersPublish DateClosing DateFiles
1Tender Notice, Documents, BOQs For Removal of Snow For Contract No (SM-NA-2017-18/N-15/01 to SM-NA-2017-18/N-15/04) in Regional Office Abbottabad 18-Jan-201907-Feb-20193
2Tender Notice For Hiring of Mini Bus for Pick & Drop Services of the Employees in Punjab North, Lahore 17-Jan-201906-Feb-20191
3RFP Notice for Consultancy Services for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Widening, Improvement & Rehabilitation of Remaining Portion of National Highway N-25 in Kararo – Wadh Section from Km 222 to Km 318 (18.258 Km) 17-Jan-201914-Feb-20191
4IFB, Documents For Lahore Abdul Hakeem (M3 Section PKM) 228 KMs on Net Guaranteed Fixed Revenue Basis for A period of 90 Days Under Emergent Situation 16-Jan-201904-Feb-20192
5Tender Notice, Documents For Provision of Private Security Guards to the National Highway Authority, regional Office Abbottabad and attached offices 14-Jan-201929-Jan-20193
6IFB, Documents For Provision of Technical Support & Maintenance of Permanent Weigh Stations on National Highways and Motorway along with Provision of Connectivity with Operation Centre at NHA HQ (Package I to III) 11-Jan-201929-Jan-20192
7RFP Notice, Documents for Filling Station And Ancillary Facilities At Tandilyanwala Service Are (North/South Bound) On Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway M-3 11-Jan-201906-Feb-20192
8Re Tender Notice, Documents For Black Spot Geometric Improvement & Highway Safety Works For Contract No (BSHS-2016-17BS-01, Lasbela) in Balochistan South Region, Khuzdar 11-Jan-201931-Jan-20192
9IFB, Documents For Replacement of Damaged Non Functional Expansion Joints of Bridges For Contract No (BC-KP-17-5002) in KPK 10-Jan-201925-Jan-20192
10Tender Notice, Documents, BOQ For Rehabilitation Work Ayub Bridge For Contract No (RMA-BR-NA-2017-18/N-35/02) in Regional Office Abbottabad 09-Jan-201928-Jan-20193
11Tender Notice, Documents For Bridge Culvert Structural & Special Maintenance Work For Contract No (BS-PS-2017-18-01 to SM-PS-2017-18-19) F.Y.2017-18 in Central Zone, Multan 08-Jan-201925-Jan-20196
12RFP , Documents For Filling Station and Allied Facilities at KM-26 (North/ South Bound) on Hassanabdal Havelian Expressway (E-35) 07-Jan-201929-Jan-20192
13IFB, Documents For Replacement of Girders & Deck Slab Damaged Overhead Railway Bridge For Contract No (BC-PN-17-05-02) in Punjab North, Lahore 03-Jan-201921-Jan-20195
14Tender Notice For Special Maintenance Work For Construction of Top Slab and Repair of Drains Work For Contract No (SM-BN-2017-18-01) Balochistan North Region Quetta 03-Jan-201923-Jan-20191
15IFB, Documents For Annual Maintenance Plan For Contract No (PM-2017-18-BW-01 to PM-2017-18-BN-08)(AMP-2017-18) Balochistan South & West Zones 28-Dec-201829-Jan-201913
16IFB Notice, Documents For Annual Maintenance Plan For Contract No (PM-2016-17-BW-01 to PM-2016-17-BN-07) (AMP-2016-17) Balochistan North & West Regions 28-Dec-201824-Jan-201913
17EOI Notice, Corrigendum No 1 For Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor Development Investment Program (CAREC-II) 03-Dec-201821-Jan-20192