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Blacklisting of suppliers, Consultants and Contractor's"



Revised Rates OFC & Pipeline
Revised Rates Filling CNG Station, Amenities
Checklist 1 & 2
SOP for Corona Virus
Guidelines for Processing and Issuance of NOC's for Commercialization of ROW on NHA Network
SOP For Allotment and Maintenance of NHA Rest Houses
SOP for Management and Operation of Biometric Attendance Sysytem
SOP for Managing and Conducting Legal Affairs
SOP for Welfare and Compensation to the Bereaved Families
SOP for Tree Plantation Policy
SOP for telephone facilities
SOP for submission of final bills having draft printed paras
SOP for Shortlisting of Candidates for Recruitment in NHA
SOP for settlement of claims and disputes
SOP for Security in Service Areas on Motorway
SOP for Reward to NHA employees
SOP for Public Private Partnership
SOP for protection of foreigners working on NHA projects
SOP for processing of IPCs and Final Payment certifictes of Maintenace works
SOP for processing of EoT cases for construction contractors
SOP for payments to contrctors consultants by Finance Wing
SOP for Operation of joint Escrow Account
SOP for NHA Tolling Policy
SOP for NHA SMS Log of vehicles
SOP for Media Publicity by NHA
SOP for Leasing of Right of Way
SOP for Land Management and Infrastructure Wing 2000
SOP for Issuance of TOC & DLC
SOP for Internal Audit Wing
SOP for inspection of on going construction works
SOP for Inspection of Maintenance Works and Inspection Proformas for Maintenance
SOP for implementation of NHC decision regarding incentives for the contract employees
SOP For IT Matters
SOP for hiring of houses for residential acommodation
SOP for handling contrctual disputes
SOP for Grant of advances
SOP for Disciplinary Proceedings
SOP for Conducting Court Cases
SOP for Attendance of daily Wages
SOP for accessing shared folder
Interactive Map
Interactive Map
NHA Code
NHA Code