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In 1978, Government of Pakistan (GoP) decided to federalize five important inter-provincial roads named ” National Highways” and created the National Highway Board for monitoring the development and maintenance of these federalized roads by provincial Highway Departments.
The National Highway Authority (NHA) was created, in 1991, through an Act of the Parliament, for planning, development, operation, repair and maintenance of National Highways and Strategic Roads specially entrusted to NHA by the Federal Government or by a Provincial Government or other authority concerned. Total length of the federalized roads under NHA now stands at 8780 KMs, account for 3% of the entire road network and 75% of the commercial road traffic in the country.
NHA is custodian of the Highway assets of Pakistan’s road network. It is committed to provide a safe, modern and efficient transportation system. As the cornerstone of tomorrow’s Highway network, National Highways function as the backbone of Pakistan’s transportation system, play an important role in the development of micro and macro economy and also enhance the national integration by increasing the social and economic dependence between the Provinces.