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NHA Executive Board

The general direction and administration of NHA and its affairs vest in the Executive Board which may exercise all powers, perform all functions and do all acts and things which may be exercised, performed or done by the Authority.

The Chairman NHA
Inspector General, National Highways & Pakistan Motorway Police (or nominee)
Additional Secretary Finance
Member or Additional Secretary, (Planning & Development Division)
Joint Secretary-II, Ministry of Communications
Senior Chief, NTRC
Vice President, NESPAK
Member(Finance), NHA
Member(Planning), NHA

Functions of Executive Board

To consider and approve proposals, schemes and projects exceeding fifty million rupees but not exceeding one hundred million rupees and to consider and recommend, through the Ministry, to CDWP or ECNEC proposals, schemes and projects exceeding one hundred million rupees.

To consider progress reports of the Authority.

To perform such other functions as may be delegated to it by the NHC.

To recommend for approval the annual budget of the Authority.

To approve projects to be funded through toll and other receipts from operation of Highways.

Interactive Map
Interactive Map
NHA Code
NHA Code